SLU Study First of its Kind in US

SLU associate professor of behavioral science and health education Anne Sebert Kuhlmann, Ph.D., MPH has completed research that is the first of its kind in the U.S.

Kuhlmann’s research shines the light on an issue we tend to view as something that occurs mainly in developing countries - period poverty. Many studies on the topic have been completed in other nations, but the research done by Kuhlmann provides a window into how low-income people with periods in St. Louis are directly in harm’s way.

Among some of the startling facts are:
- 21 percent of women surveyed lacked supplies on a monthly basis.
- 46 percent of those surveyed could not afford to buy both food and period-related products during the past year.
- 36 percent of those effected who were employed part or full-time reported missing one or more days of work per month due to their periods.

This is an issue many low-income individuals are facing right in our city. The St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies aims to end period poverty, and you can help, too.

Read the full article from SLU here.